What Makes Axis Mortgage Corp Stand Out

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Mortgage Professional in Surrey BC

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About Axis Mortgage Corp

Axis Mortgage Corp is a mortgage broker franchise. We have a team of eighteen mortgage brokers who deal in residential, commercial and private mortgages, working with twenty-five different lenders. Our services include first-time buyer mortgage, renovation financing, investment properties, mortgage portability and vacation homes, among other offerings.

Our office is based in Surrey, but we deal in mortgages all over British Columbia. We are also available to do business seven days a week and are operational all year-round.

Being in business for eighteen years, we’ve garnered many satisfied clients over the years and enjoy a good reputation in our broker community. We are a fast growing company, adding four new mortgage brokers this year alone.


The Axis Mortgage Corp Difference

We believe that every client needs a strong, experienced mortgage broker, in this ever-changing lending environment. Our strength lies in matching the right mortgage with the clients to purchase homes. And one aspect that makes us second to none is our exemplary customer service which becomes the foundation for building a strong, lasting relationship. Our clients eventually refer family and friends to us and that’s how everyone becomes a part of the Axis Mortgage Corp family.

A prospective customer would choose to do business with us, rather than one of our natural competitors because we are eighteen years strong and we have staff that has over ten years of lending experience.

Axis Mortgage Corp is proud to have received awards like the ‘Top Mortgage Company’ in British Columbia over the past few years. When we were a franchise with Centum, one of the largest national mortgage broker brands in Canada, we achieved the top British Columbia Centum franchise in 2015 and 2016.

Our dream for the future is to continue being a top mortgage company and have a strong team of mortgage brokers.

We also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, we donate to charities like Surrey Memorial Hospital and B.C. Children’s Hospital.


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